Candidate Testimonial

, contract at Wincanton

“I feel that this is the first time in a 19-year career that the recruitment agency and employer I’m working with have put their people first.”

, now working permanently at Peri

“I began working with Romax following a move into the local area. Within three days of first contacting them, I was given a position for a construction company. Three weeks later, I was informed by my employers that a permanent position would be made available for me. I am always paid on time and my contacts at Romax are always available on the phone – I highly recommend their services.

, contract at PFE

“Everyone at Romax is fantastic – the polite and friendly staff helped me find work within just one day. Thank you!”

, contract at Breezemount

“Romax’s team is wonderful. They go the extra mile for their staff and for clients – they are the only agency I would work for.”

, six-month contract at DSV

“I’ve been working for Romax for just over two years now. The team has always kept me in work and has been really helpful in every way.”